Blink’s COVID-19 Restaurant Audits Help Restaurants “Stay Safe and Stay Open”

Blink Research is committed to helping restaurants do everything they can to survive and prosper. To help our restaurants STAY SAFE and STAY OPEN, Blink has developed a COVID-19 Restaurant Audit. The goal of the audits is to help restaurants manage COVID-19 risks by providing objective, third-party monitoring based on widely-accepted safety guidelines and best practices.

Phased Re-opening of Restaurants – Managing Risk

Many states and cities have begun to phase in a return to on-premises dining by allowing outdoor-only seating. Blink has been paying close attention to the guidelines being issued by local governments, the CDC, and the National Restaurant Association.

During this phase, it will be critical for restaurants to follow all guidelines and precautions to keep customers and employees safe, and reduce the risk of an outbreak in their community. The stakes are high. One case of COVID-19 could shut down a restaurant for days. News of infections associated with the restaurant can shake the confidence of customers, as well as restaurant employees already anxious about returning to work.

Request a free copy of our current COVID-19 Restaurant Audit by emailing us here. Feel free to use our questionnaire as a checklist for internal monitoring, and distribute it to your staff. The current form is for the Outdoor-Only Seating phase. We will update our audits and questionnaires as local governments transition to the next phases in coming weeks and months.

Blink’s COVID-19 Restaurant Audit Services

For restaurants who choose it, Blink will customize the audit based on your restaurant group’s in-house standards and protocols. We will set up and manage an auditing program for you, with the following features:

  • Blink will conduct audits using trained, objective, third-party evaluators from our nationwide database of mystery shoppers and independent contractors
  • We can make scheduled or impromptu visits to make all relevant observations, and send you a complete audit report within 24 hours
  • Our evaluators will handle themselves in a professional manner, check in with management upon arrival, and discreetly conduct the onsite audit
  • Audits can be performed at different days and times
  • Cost per audit: ~$50 each, depending on volume and requirements

If you are interested in this service, please call Marc at 202-701-0069 or email We will customize your program and start the audits within days.