A few of the questions that Competitive Intelligence can help answer:

  • What are your competitive strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the opportunities and threats your organization is facing?
  • How can you distinguish yourself from your competitors?
  • What are some industry best practices you may be overlooking?
  • What are your competitors saying about you?
  • How do your prices compare with your competitors?
  • What are your competitors selling, where are they selling it, and how are they promoting it?

What can you learn from the competition?

Blink Research evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to help you make informed strategic decisions for your business. Each of the services Blink Research offers to gather intelligence about your business can also be used to probe your competitors’, providing the actionable insight you need to create a competitive advantage.

Blink Research collects detailed feedback from mystery shoppers, surveyed customers, and social media. We use this intelligence to provide insightful analysis and head-to-head comparisons of the customer experience, to help our clients identify opportunities and threats in their markets.

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Blink Research case studies for Competitive Intelligence

Here is what we've done recently!

Iconic D.C. Restaurant Group Manages Risk with Alcohol Compliance Mystery Shops

We use Blink Research as a risk management tool to ensure that bartenders and servers remain vigilant in checking IDs.