A few of the questions that a Mystery Shopping program can answer:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in the customer experience?
  • How do you compare with your competitors?
  • Which important aspects of the customer experience are you overlooking, but which are impacting customer satisfaction?
  • Is there a disconnect between the customer experience you think you are delivering, and what your customers are actually experiencing?
  • Are the employees who interact with your customers an asset or a liability on the customer experience?
  • Are employees doing what you have trained them to do?
  • Who are the star performers, and who needs more oversight and training?
  • Are your employees following all relevant laws and industry best practices?

What is really happening on the front lines?

It is no coincidence that most service-based companies that are leaders in their markets have used Mystery Shopping. When management institutes a Mystery Shopping program, it sends a top-down message throughout the organization that customer satisfaction and employee performance are critical to the success of the business.

Blink Research’s leadership has custom-designed and managed Mystery Shopping programs for clients in over a dozen industries since 2004. Our approach is consistent across industries, and our experience makes it easy for our clients to get the intelligence they need to improve customer satisfaction and grow their business.

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