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Constituents are customers

Wouldn’t it be great if the public sector tried just as hard to please their “customers” as the private sector does?

  • Imagine if government agencies providing services to the public hired frontline employees who derive satisfaction from serving others.
  • Imagine if the DMV designed its processes and employee training programs with the goal of maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Imagine if your city councilmember surveyed constituents each year asking them for feedback, and made improvements and pursued policies based on the responses.

Blink Research envisions a world where the public sector emphasizes customer satisfaction as part of their mission, and designs processes, hiring practices and employee incentives accordingly.

Things we can do for the Public Sector

  • Develop a set of customer service and employee performance criteria for frontline employees who interact with the public.
  • Set up programs to make constituents feel their voices are being heard.
  • Mystery shop the customer experience with government agencies and offices that interact with the public, and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Survey frontline government employees to identify issues that may be preventing them from delivering excellent service to constituents.
  • Identify star performers so they can be acknowledged and rewarded.
  • Improve constituents’ impressions of government services and employees.

Like what you see?

Let’s discuss how your public sector organization can earn a reputation for friendly employees, efficient service delivery, and happy “customers”.

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