Blink Blog: 8 Benefits of Restaurant Mystery Shopping You Don’t Get from Yelp Reviews

Blink Research’s experienced professionals have managed Mystery Shopping programs for many different types of restaurant groups, including fast casual, pizzerias, saloons, barbecue joints, and fine dining establishments.

We work with our clients to identify which performance criteria and observations are important to them, and our evaluators collect all the intelligence that management wants and needs. Our shoppers give you unbiased candid feedback on everything from service to cleanliness to food quality.

Our mystery shoppers receive detailed instructions on exactly what to do and observe when they visit your restaurants – from what questions to ask when they call to make a reservation, to identifying suggestive selling by the servers, to evaluating the integrity of the bartenders.

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Things we can do for the Restaurant & Bar Industry

  • Make employee performance and superior customer experience a source of competitive advantage.
  • Identify training opportunities, strengths and weaknesses at all locations.
  • Manage risk by evaluating employees’ compliance with alcohol laws, and loss prevention rules and guidelines.
  • Perform a critical, consistent quality control function as the company continues to grow and add locations.
  • Recognize and reward top-performing employees and managers.

Social Analytics for Restaurants

Let Blink Research comb social media for feedback on your restaurants, analyze the data, and send you a detailed monthly report highlighting the major themes and actionable insights.

Blink Research serves clients in all sectors with a national network of qualified evaluators.

Here is what we've done recently!

Iconic D.C. Restaurant Group Manages Risk with Alcohol Compliance Mystery Shops

We use Blink Research as a risk management tool to ensure that bartenders and servers remain vigilant in checking IDs.