Making memories for your fans

In addition to its passion for food, drink, and amazing customer service, Blink Research has a passion for sports and entertainment venues, and the athletes, vendors, and artists who fill them with thousands of customers eager to spend their discretionary income to have a good time.

When you are spending half your paycheck to bring your family to a game or performance, you should be able to count on a great customer experience. Too often, sports and entertainment venues do not place enough emphasis on customer satisfaction and instead take it for granted that consumers will keep coming back.

Blink investigates everything from ticket sales to food vendors to alcohol compliance to guest services, looking for opportunities to improve the fan experience.

Things we can do for the Sports,
Entertainment and Tourism Industry

  • Evaluate the entire fan experience from end-to-end and pinpoint where customer service is falling short.
  • Establish clear employee performance and training criteria with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and ROI.
  • Identify star employees and volunteers who are going above and beyond expectations to serve customers, even when management isn’t looking.
  • Manage your risk by making sure alcohol servers are consistently checking I.D.’s, and testing employee integrity.
  • Collect feedback on your people and venues from social media and customer survey data, and use data mining and sentiment analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the customer experience.

Let Blink Score a goal for your Business

Blink Research serves clients in all sectors with a national network of qualified evaluators.

Here is what we've done recently!

Iconic D.C. Restaurant Group Manages Risk with Alcohol Compliance Mystery Shops

We use Blink Research as a risk management tool to ensure that bartenders and servers remain vigilant in checking IDs.