Impressions can form in the blink of an eye.

Customers are forming opinions about your business from the moment they open your door.

Blink Research helps you create superior customer experiences to drive revenue growth and strengthen your brand.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

Blink Research collects and analyzes detailed feedback about your business and converts it into actionable intelligence.

Who benefits from our solutions?

Any organization whose success depends on listening to customers, training employees, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Looking for a side gig?

Have an eye for detail?

Earn cash, get free meals and drinks, and help neighborhood businesses thrive!


Marc has been an essential strategic partner for my company for over 10 years. Besides producing great results that help us enhance and fine-tune our customer experiences, Marc's individualized attention and quick responses to our ever-changing needs has made the program highly successful. You can count on Marc to deliver, and that is why we continue our relationship year after year.

I have had the pleasure of working with Marc for over six years. The business relationship has worked extremely well from both strategic and tactical perspectives. He has helped us design effective monitoring programs and research studies aligned with our client service standards. Execution of the programs has been timely, accurate, data rich and cost effective. I see Marc as a partner in our delivery of the absolute best in client service.

Marc is very professional and meets the deadlines with high quality work and analysis.

Blink Research serves clients in all sectors with a national network of qualified evaluators.

Here is what we've done recently!

Iconic D.C. Restaurant Group Manages Risk with Alcohol Compliance Mystery Shops

We use Blink Research as a risk management tool to ensure that bartenders and servers remain vigilant in checking IDs.